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South Korea: great expectations for the upcoming EoC weekend

From 20 to 22 May Luigino Bruni will be in South Korea with a busy schedule of appointments

by Antonella Ferrucci

160520 22 Corea Poster ridSouth Korea: The Asian giant characterized by intense economic development in recent decades is today suffering from slow economic growth, high rate of unemployment and the limits of a citizen assistance system under the sole responsibility of the State. In these months there is a very heated debate on the choice between "growth" and "sharing" and some see the general system of wealth redistribution implemented by the government as an impediment to growth.

In this context the proposal of the EoC - "an economy for all" falls on a very alert ground, and is of great interest in many areas: many people are looking for an "alternative economy" to replace the current Anglo-Saxon type of capitalism and they turn to cooperatives and social enterprises with much interest...

But the Korean economy has been revolving around colossal enterprises for too long, and therefore the survival of alternative forms of enterprise is not easy.

The great question is: could civil economy - and the Economy of Communion in particular - represent a way out of this situation?  What effective practical tools can be picked from the experience of the EoC of combining sharing and profit?

It was with the purpose of meeting this expectation that the Korean EoC Commission has promoted the 160520 22 Corea Esterno Parlamento ridvisit of Luigino Bruni in the coming days with great determination: every opportunity has been put to good use to get the EoC's proposal to the Korean people, in the best ways possible. It was for this reason that a national television has been broadcasting a spot on his visit for a few days, and ad banners have appeared in the places where the events will take place... There will be four main events. The first day, 20 May will begin with a lecture at the SeoKang Catholic University of Seoul entitled "The Challenges of fraternity in the era of financial capitalism" and will continue with a conference at the Library of the Korean Parliament entitled:  “An Economy for all : Communion - The new name of economic development."  The next day the same conference will be presented at the Chungnam University of Daejoen, the city that with its half million inhabitants is home to 16 universities and the most relevant research institutions, and is the pulsating centre of Korean technological innovation. On Sunday 22 May, again in Seoul, at the CityHall, Luigino Bruni will meet more than 200 young people and the mayor of the Korean capital, who is a great admirer of Civil Economy.  

160520 22 Corea Daejoen ChungNam University ridThere are many expectations around this visit. We asked Luigino Bruni a question that will also be asked by a Korean television in Daejoen:

These days the "EoC" – which, translated in Korean, means "shared economy" – is a hot topic on everyone's lips. Even in Korea, where computer technology is highly developed, enterprises of a sharing type of economy are being formed, such as car-sharing... Do you think that the EoC can be a new growth engine and an economic model for Korea?

"I hope so, but it will depend on what form Korean capitalism will take in the coming years, because in Korea - but also all over the world - we have come to a crossroads. In the coming years business, finance and banks can become vehicles of social inclusion and greater equity, or we can go back in a sort of feudal Middle Ages with a new small group of the rich and many poor beggars who will live with a basic grant of citizenship in a world with less and less work. If the first scenario prevails - and this is primarily a political and civil matter - then the EoC can play its role and will be able to grow. "



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