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Shared Profits: Our 2016 Report

A growing commitment in the creation of jobs for the poor and young people, also through the worldwide network of incubators

by Gian Maria Bidone

from the EoC Report 2016 on the "Economy of Communion - A New Culture" - Editorial insert of Città Nuova n.2/2017 - february 2017

N42 Pag 08 Gian Maria Bidone autoreThe tables concern the year 2016 and the last quarter of 2015 because the management of earnings was changed to follow the calendar year. The data are grouped according to major content areas in two tables: the first shows the profits administered by the international organisational structure that makes a communion of goods possible together with the united world. The second table presents the profits managed by local EoC facilities and by individual entrepreneurs, a trend that aims to achieve an increasing effectiveness of use and an increased proximity of enterprises to the needs of the poor and to the formation of new persons, both in and outside their respective geographical areas. 

The profits recorded come to a total of € 1,774,591. The part utilised locally constitutes a little more than a third of this. Even though sometimes they are a significant part of the communion of companies, benefits in kind and the resources shared with the workers of the companies themselves have not been accounted for in numbers.

In 2016, € 897,470 of profits were distributed by the international organization, and € 621 944 by local ones, which makes a total of 51% for the poor and 49% for training. The special contribution for the poor shared by members of the Focolare Movement is excluded from these accounts as it is now administered directly by the Movement itself.

tabella shared profit 1

Of all that is reserved for the poor 13% is to cover the costs of food, 11% goes for medical expenses, 10% for housing and 29% for schooling. The remaining parts - 14% for social projects and 24% for new jobs and the creation of the worldwide network of EoC-IIN incubators – show a greater commitment in this direction: in cooperation with AMU, more attention has been paid to social projects, to education and the creation of jobs, leaving the task of responding to the additional needs of food, health and housing to the Focolare Movement.

Part of the resources dedicated to creating jobs were used for the overhead expenses of EoC associations with shortages of local resources, whose experts are trying to design, evaluate, finance and follow entrepreneurial projects, especially those of young people, in a manner best suited to their region.

tabella shared profit 2

As for training, locally managed earnings were a major contribution: some especially considerable resources have been offered by Mundell Associates in North America to host young people from around the world to spend time with the company, motivating and helping them to design their own plan for an EoC company. 28% of training resources were spent for Sophia University Institute, 19% went in support of the business parks and for the training facilities of the Focolare Movement; 24% for schools and conferences, 9% for supporting its associations, 16% for publications and the international web site; 4% for central management expenditures.




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