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2013 LoppianoLab, the 4th edition.

LoppianoLab will take place in Loppiano on September 20-22.

110915-18 LoppianoLab 09

The event is a laboratory for Italy's sustainable development promoted by Città Nuova Publishing HouseLionello Bonfanti Business ParkSophia University Institute e Loppiano Focolare Center (Florence). This year's edition will deal with labor and civic duty; its title is “Joint force action for the future of Italy and the world”.

Create, meet, venture and care are the four inspiring verbs of the 2013 LoppianoLab. It will take place in Loppiano (Florence) from September 20-22. These Labs, a testing ground for a sustainable development in Italy, began in 2009. So far, they have moved approximately ten thousand citizens throughout the country. Various initiatives have promoted open discussions between members of businesses, schools, cultural entities and the civil society. All year round, citizens have carried out many activities that tackle Italian crucial issues: lawfulness, labor, interfaith dialogue and education.


“This year's program includes two hot issues: labor and civic duty”, affirmed Paolo Loriga, editor-in-chief of Città Nuova magazine. “The four organizers of the event, Città Nuova Publishing House, Lionello Bonfanti Business Park, Sophia University Institute and Loppiano International Center (Florence), are committed to find new ways to give Italy hope for a better future. Participants will present the outcome of the projects that they (youth, teachers and entrepreneurs) carried out from last summer. Members of the Civil Economy School and the EoC School will take part in the program. Civic press start-ups and a network of businesses will share their experiences; they have innovated and created jobs. Furthermore, various civic networks between citizens and local associations in Milan, Naples and Sicily will present their activities”.

One can imply the broad reach of this event from the title, “Joint force action for the future of Italy and the world”. Organizers want to connect local communities across Italy, Europe and the Mediterranean countries through interdependent networks.

By now the EoC Expo at the Lionello Bonfanti Business Park is a tradition. This year besides EoC businesses, social enterprises and non-profit organizations will occupy the exhibition stands. The yearly convention's title is: “The Ideas and Actions of the Economy of Communion: beacon of hope amid the crisis.”

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