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"Golden Drop"

Golden Drop Daycare

Latina - Italy

The Golden Drop Daycare of Latina, began from the common experience of Daniela, Francesca, Orchidea and Laila. All four of them were looking for jobs that they could enjoy and in which they could satisfy their common ideas and desires including to help others.

They put their heads together and came up with the idea of opening a daycare center.

Full of enthusiasm, they went together to a notary public to incorporate a small cooperative. Next, they did a market analysis to learn the needs of the area, a study of economic and financial feasibility, and finally they looked for a place.

They found a house downtown with a beautiful garden and at the height of summer two months before the opening they bought the house. There was a lot of work to do and the cost seems to increase as each day passed.

They needed an Industrial stove that met regulations, they had to rebuild the bathrooms for children, and purchase furniture and material. But the 4 friends did not get discouraged and they decided to involve additional friends in this adventure, asking for suggestion or ideas and a helping hand.

This set in motion a real community effort and each friend brought very important and relevant contributions. The bricklayer accepted a late payment, as did the stove supplier. Someone offered financial help to make sure they were covered for public services, water, and a certificate of occupancy. Others (very many others) on a hot summer day armed with lots of good will and energy, scraped and painted the whole house.

People began to become curious about this new initiative. By the time the date of the inauguration arrived on September 2, everything was ready.

Passing the word during the previous months was a great strategy because over 100 people come to see the house and enjoy the buffet luncheon.

On September 4, the Golden Drop Daycare opened with 7 children – still too few to break even but enough to begin operations while they continued spreading the news. Within ten days, the number of children doubled and the center was operating at full strength.

Today, there are 32 children with a waiting list of another 10. Slowly, in a bit more than a year, listening and identifying the needs of children and families, the Golden Drop Daycare became an integrated center of children’s services from babysitting to animating theme parties, to transporting the tiny customers. 



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