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Ancilla Enterprice Development Consulting


Ancilla is today one of the major training and consultancy companies in the Philippines. Years back, when the Asian crisis struck, Ancilla asked itself how best to help client companies who were experiencing the negative impact of the crisis. 

Ancilla realized it had to help its clients review their corporate strategies to cope with the down market. Some companies were so badly hit, they had to downsize their work force. The challenge for Ancilla Management was to support companies as they went through the painful task of "letting go" of people. We proposed a process that continued to respect their dignity as people through what we termed "change and care" programs. We gave discounts for our interventions as a sign of solidarity with clients.

We discovered that some companies closed down factories without giving proper attention to people in an effort to cut their losses. As Ancilla, we asked ourselves how we can be of help to affected individuals in these companies.In a meeting of consultants, an idea came up to write an advice column in a newspaper. In those moments,we realized it was not easy to implement the idea.To pay for newspaper space would be very costly.

To our surprise, we got a call from the editor of the widest read newspaper to write a weekly column in the business section. We entitled the column "Advice for Anxious People at Work". The column receives an average of 15 letters a week, either asking for advice or giving feedback on advice given in the column. Recently, Ancilla published a book compiling the best articles published the past 3 years.




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